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The Process

Anywair fully supports the use of the Dial Before You Dig Service.  This service is free of charge to provide information and help to prevent damage to underground utilities.

If you are planning an excavation register the location by calling 1100 at least 5 working days prior to the job to obtain the underground network plans. Once you have received your plans call us and we will arrange to meet you on site (you can email your plans to us or bring them with you).

Dial Before You Dig 

On site the locator is to take every precaution to prevent risk or injury.  This includes wearing appropriate safety clothing, and providing barriers of the work area. AnywAIR will check that any other assets listed are being located (or have already been located).  In the event of any doubt, AnywAIR will contact the asset owner to confirm location status.

A thorough inspection of the site is performed during the location of the assets. Any risk or potential hazards are to be identified and noted on the work docket.  The site is then marked with paint (non-UV stabilized), and where necessary nails & tape, or pegs and tape. In the event that another asset is located, this will be marked in a different paint colour, and bought to the attention of the client.

Anywair will make all attempts to reinstate the site to original condition to minimize impact of the work activity on the environment.

On completion, paperwork is submitted to client for signing off, and the site is photographed. CAD drawings are modified where applicable.